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Registration for the trial game

The next dates for auditions of all instruments:

July 09, 2021

September 17, 2021

in the main building of the Bremen Music School, Schleswiger Straße 4, Walle

Nice that you are interested in our orchestras!

The Jugendsinfonietta Bremen-Mitte and the JSO are always happy to welcome new members.

Due to the corona pandemic, only the strings are currently allowed to take part in the rehearsals, but the auditions for all instruments take place.

Basically, strings should already be familiar with the position playing for the Sinfonietta, winds should have a secure intonation, mastery of a medium range and, in this, knowledge of all chromatic tones.

"As of now" places are available in the following instrument groups:


Oboe, bassoon, trombone, violins, viola, double bass


Oboe, viola, violin 1, double bass

Registration for the audition
Orchestra selection
I am already a student at the Bremen Music School

Many Thanks!

If you play a different instrument, please contact our conductor Martin Lentz before registering for the audition in order to clarify the possibilities of participation in advance. ( Write an e-mail ) After the summer holidays, experience shows that there are vacancies in almost all instrument groups. It makes sense to audition for an orchestra entry in autumn before the summer vacation.

Express reference should also be made to the Young Chamber Orchestra of the Music School (JKO), which rehearses regularly on Wednesdays and could also have free seats.

The registration for an audition takes place centrally via the form on this page to the Bremen Music School with Ms. Bluhm. ( Write an email )

After a successful audition, registration at the music school for the supplementary subject takes place. Participation is free for pupils who are already learning their instrument at the Bremen Music School, for all others the fee is currently € 8.00 per month plus € 1.50 GEMA flat rate.

The registration form "supplementary subject" of the music school is here to find.

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