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Of course, 2020 was not a normal year for IYSO either. We too had to cancel our big project with a heavy heart due to the pandemic. Especially after the particularly beautiful concert in 2019 with Tanja Tetzlaff and the Cello Concerto by Lutoslawski and the 1st Symphony by Gustav Mahler - certainly one of the highlights of IYSO history - it was difficult for us to take this step. Many messages from abroad have motivated us not only to organize an IYSO again for 2021, but also to send a "sign of life" from the orchestra from 2020 to the world. As with the annual "Colorful Evening" of the IYSO project, we asked our guests whether they could send us a musical greeting from a distance or a statement about their very personal IYSO experiences.

The result is presented on this page. The recording of the JSO share and the creation of the entire video was funded by Jeunesses Musicales Germany with funds from the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth. In addition, the IYSO has been supported for years by the Wolfgang Petermann Foundation in Bremen and the Sparkasse Bremen with the "Gut für Bremen" foundation. We thank you very much for that!

All of this would never have come about without the help of our dear trumpeting former JSOler and IYSOler Torsten Helbron. Now among others:

ToTon GbR,

Studio & Live Productions

Video editing "The moon has risen": Fabian Keßler, JSO

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Please find the full length videos and statements here:

I nternational

Y outh

S ymphony

O rchestra Bremen

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