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New members are always welcome! We are particularly pleased about the membership of parents whose children are currently playing in the JSO, as the relationship to the JSO and its concerns is particularly strong here. In addition, the entire board of the Freundeskreis is now made up of parents whose children have outgrown the JSO. From this point of view, membership of currently affected JSO parents is extremely desirable. Purely non-material memberships, with which the work of the JSO and its conductor are valued, are also very welcome.

Does membership cost anything?

No, we do not charge membership fees. There are no obligations arising from membership, and no donations are expected. Nevertheless, we are happy about every donation, whether large or small. Every donation is an expression of the appreciation of the work of the JSO and its very committed conductor Martin Lentz. In addition, donations to the Freundeskreis are tax-deductible, as we are recognized as charitable and are therefore entitled to issue donation receipts.

How can I become a member?

Feel free to ask us about membership at any time (see contact). You will receive an application form from us or you can download it here. As a member, you will be invited to the annual general meeting in November, where you can find out about ongoing work and processes in the background. In this context, Mr. Lentz always offers both a very interesting review of the past and a preview of the coming JSO year.

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