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The new CD of the JSO Bremen is ready!

"From the new World"

In addition to the 9th Symphony by Antonin Dvorak, two concert recordings can be heard in a recording of the dress rehearsal in the rehearsal hall of the Bremen Philharmonic:

"Ufos first" by Clemens Rynkowski for theremin and orchestra with the composer as soloist. The recording was made in the Great Hall of the Bell on the occasion of the "Space Year 2018" with the IYSO (International Youth Symphony Orchestra Bremen). The composition was co-financed by the Bremen Economic Development Agency and marked the end of the International Space Congress in Bremen 2018.

CD vorne.png

The work "Since he was in the grave" by Mehran Sherkat Naderi offers completely different audio impressions from a "new world". This work was created in a joint work process with the JSO on the occasion of the Bremen Composition Prize 2016. The soloist is Angela Postweil r.

Using a text by Friedrich Nitzsche ("Also sprach Zarathustra"), Naderi developed an exciting world of sound, which demanded some new playing techniques from the JSO and an intensive occupation with sound mixtures.

A team of JSO learners, above all Emma and Janne Bischoff, took care of the design and texts, which Ulrike Bergmann-Seifert put together into a brilliant whole. Thanks for that!

We are very happy to have this CD ready in our hands. For € 10.00 plus € 2.00 postage per order, the sound carrier can be purchased from the Friends of the JSO. Please note the exact recipient address on the transfer so that the CD can be delivered. Here you can find the account details of the Freundeskreis.

Hier geht`s zum JSO youtube Kanal

JSO Bremen Musik und Licht 2020

Concert "Music and Light" 2020 on youtube

JSO Bremen Imagefilm.JPG

Image film JSO Bremen on youtube

JSO Bremen Mehran S. Naderi, Martin Lentz

live from the great hall in the concert hall "Die Glocke", Bremen (youtube)

Mehran S. Naderi - Since he was in the grave

Soloist - Angela Postweiler

Conductor - Martin Lentz

Urkunde Livno.jpg

live aus dem Saal der Musikschule in Livno, Bosnien Herzegowina bei 36 Grad Raumtemperatur ;-)


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