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Music and light

at the hollersee

08.09.2024 im Bürgerpark

            ab 20:00 h

„The moon has risen, the stars in golden guising…“

Not only golden stars but also thousands of burning torches brighten the lake of Hollersee in Bremen each year with wonderful light. The visit of the OpenAir Concert „Musik und Licht am Hollersee“ takes place in the Bremer Bürgerpark every autumn is an important tradition for many people living in Bremen and the surrounding area. In the afternoon the Hollersee already is surrounded by lots of people sitting on their picnic blankets and waiting for the concert to start.

Classics like “Kaiserwalzer“ oder “Walzer No. 2“ are an integral part of the event but one of the absolute highlights is Händel’s “Music for the Royal Fireworks” which always comes with a spectacular firework. To let the evening fade away, the audience sings “Der Mond ist aufgegangen“ (“The moon has risen“) while the orchestra accompanies the song instrumentally.

This song became a very important part of our orchestra because the “Hollersee Concert“ always is the conclusion of an orchestra year. Since many JSO members leave for university or other occupations after the end of the season the song represents the farewell of these longtime members. That is why “Der Mond ist aufgegangen“ has a special and very emotional meaning to the whole orchestra.


Numerous sponsors have made this concert an annual highlight since 1989. The purchase of torches on the day of the concert helps to support the Bürgerpark as well as our orchestra, while also creating a magical atmosphere with a sea of lights on the lake of Hollersee.


In the past, the number of visitors has settled to roughly 20,000 people, depending on the weather and media coverage.  Bremen's largest classical concert, organized by the Bürgerparkverein Bremen in cooperation with the JSO of the Bremen Music School is definitely a special experience guaranteed to give you chills. 


Due to the pandemic the concert “Musik und Licht 2020” could not take place in front of a large audience at the “Hollersee” as per usual, but was streamed on Youtube and simultaneously broadcasted by the local "Radioweser TV". The following link leads you to the stream.

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