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The "slightly different" concert

Nächster Termin: 2025

Freie Waldorfschule Bremen

Raise the curtain and clear the stage for the "slightly different" concert!

Every year we say goodbye to winter with a colorful family concert. Embedded in a short story, the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Bremen Youth Symphony Orchestra present parts of the summer program, supplemented by a few other pieces. The concert and the story are planned by our board of directors, who every year enjoy coming up with something new and linking the pieces in an entertaining way. The relaxed setting and the interplay of short scenes and music attract many families to the auditorium of the Free Waldorf School in Touler Straße.

For us, this concert is a very special opportunity to express our thanks to the school and "collect" the rent. Because every Thursday, all year round, we can use the auditorium for our rehearsals. Of course, it is also a great opportunity to show relatives and friends what we have worked out over the autumn and winter.


Gerrit Balke 2017 in "Simon is outraged"

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