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Youth Symphony Orchestra


Über mich


We are the 80 young people aged 14-22 of the Youth Symphony Orchestra Bremen and are happy about your visit on our website!

The JSO lives through its diverse projects and of course - like all youth orchestras - from the tremendous power and joy of playing that emanates from its young members. (Click here for the image film produced by our (now former) clarinetist Simon Ruwe).

The importance that the JSO Bremen has for its members is expressed in the simultaneously self-confident and attentive and appreciative behaviour towards the other orchestra members, the music and the conductor, filled with great attention to detail as well as the sheer tireless commitment to the projects and through the high emotional attachment to the orchestra.

Every summer a concert tour takes place, which makes us grow even closer together. Our large JSO family is characterized by countless shared experiences at concerts, rehearsals, excursions and, of course, the obligatory soccer game: strings against winds. We work, play, hike, tremble, love and suffer together. And you can also hear that. We are happy and grateful for the time we spend together, the access to music and people, and also always a little proud of the concerts and the enthusiasm we are allowed to generate in the audience.

Of course, the JSO is much more than the sum of its participants! This website is meant to give a small insight and a warm invitation to all future concerts. We are always happy to have a large audience and any form of support!

The JSO-Bremen is the only full youth orchestra from the small state of Bremen. Founded by Heiner Buhlmann in 1980 with a small circle of young musicians at the Bremen Music School, the orchestra quickly grew to symphonic size and has now been shaping a whole range of recurring and new projects for many years, often in cooperation with Bremen's diverse music scene. Martin Lentz has been the leader and conductor since 2012.


The new CD of the JSO Bremen "From the New World" with works by Dvorak, Rynkowski and Naderi.

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